4 Strategic Tips to Boost Your Local SEO for Real Estate


A key part of real estate SEO is improving your local search rankings and attracting more home buyers and sellers in your target market. Local SEO is so important  because real estate is a very localized business. Maximizing your search engine optimization is not a shotgun approach if you are a real estate agent. You want local buyers and other agents to see your listings. You want local sellers to contact you for a listing presentation. 


What Makes Local SEO So Important?


General SEO strategies will only get so far. You have to focus and optimize your website content, social media, business directories and every other online source with targeted, localized techniques. This is how you attract more local business and generate more real estate leads from the actual clients you are trying to reach.

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Here Are 4 Tips That Will Help You Boost Your Local Real Estate SEO:


  • Localized Content

Obviously, your online content needs to reflect your specific target market. Narrow your focus as much as possible to specific counties, cities, zip codes and even specific neighborhoods. Define your target market and understand what home buyers and sellers are searching for in that area. Then, you can implement keywords, links and other SEO elements for localized optimization of your organic content. 


How Can Local SEO Help To Reach My Target Market?


It’s important to understand your target market might not be driven purely by geography. It may be defined even further with specific demographics, property types and more. Examples might include luxury homes over a certain price point, condos, multi-family properties, waterfront homes, etc. It may be difficult to rank high in a search for “Miami real estate,” but you can focus further for better optimization in a targeted search for “South Miami luxury beachfront real estate.”


  • Optimize Online Business Directories

There are different online business directories that can drive business your way and boost your overall SEO potential. We’re talking about Google My Business, Realtor.com, Facebook, NAR and other places where people might be looking for a local real estate agent to hire. Make sure your information is up to date and optimized with links, keywords, pictures and other important local SEO elements. Many local businesses have inaccurate and inconsistent information across many of these different directory sites, which will obviously hinder your SEO and make it harder for people to find or contact you.


  • Implement Schema Markup

This is an advanced SEO concept used by real estate local SEO specialists. Schema markup is a specific way of structuring your website’s code that makes it easier for Google to find and read. You want the search engines to recognize the schema markup to better define who you are and what you do in their algorithm. You can also utilize this method for your actual property listings to help them be better identified and ranked in local home searches.


  • Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation greatly impacts your local SEO potential. Bad reviews hurt in many ways, including the fact that so many of today’s consumers read online reviews before they buy a product or hire a service provider. As a real estate agent, you will want to track and manage your reviews. You can respond to good and bad reviews, interact on social media and take positive steps to manage your online reputation. This will help from an SEO standpoint, as well as improve your lead generation rates.


Let Us Take Care of Your Local SEO So You Don’t Have To

These are a few key tips to localize your real estate SEO strategy and attract more leads in your target market. To learn more about our local SEO services specialized for the real estate industry, contact Digital Bullet Agency today. Let us help you improve your search rankings and grow your business with a local focus.