Naturally, you have doubts about upgrading your real estate website because you’re worried that it might affect your SEO. If you have a website that has authority, drives traffic, and generates leads, it’ll be a costly mistake to make any upgrade that affects your SEO. 

However, if your main concern is that an upgrade will hurt your real estate site, then you have nothing to worry about. An upgrade will not affect your SEO especially when it’s handled by a real estate SEO expert. It’s non-negotiable that SEO for real estate investors is handled by an SEO expert to avoid crumbling years of investment and hard work.

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Altering Content During A Website Upgrade

Changing your content during a website redesign can get you in trouble. When you change your content, Google will review your website and fix a different ranking position for your website on search engine result pages. Google may not review your inbound links and domain history, however, you may experience position changes. Sometimes this can be to your advantage and other times it might not.

Benefits of A Website Upgrade 

Website upgrades are not without risk, but when done well, there won’t be any downside. Instead, you’ll enjoy the benefits of upgrading your website. Below are some of the benefits of a website upgrade that’s done well:

  • User experience

If you’re going to redesign your website, then it must be to your user’s expectations. When you redesign your website, you give your users better access and help them navigate and interact with your website easily. An upgraded website improves users’ experience which leads to more engaged users. More engaged users means a higher ranking for your website.

  • Site speed

Upgrading your website leads to faster site speed. Speed optimization is paramount as it’s one of the major factors that differentiates a new website from its former counterpart. Also, Google views site speed as one of its ranking factors. So instead of hurting your SEO, site speed helps to rank your website high on search engine result pages.

  • Conversion rate

A website redesign can improve your conversion rate significantly. An upgraded website with a more sophisticated design increases the chance for users to notice the call-to-action button and makes it easier to access. An upgraded website also increases users’ trust and boosts your branding which consequently leads to a higher conversion rate.

  • Temporary increase in traffic

Also, website upgrade leads to a temporary increase in traffic for at least a week or two. Although, there may be a decline to the original baseline later, at least there were moderate improvements. The increase in traffic is caused by Google checking out the placement of each of the pages in the SERPs. How does this work? The high-quality content on the former site already earns your website a high spot on SERPs, so when you upgrade your website, it causes Google to review your website again.

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A website redesign is necessary sometimes if you want to outperform your competitors. However, it’s a risk that you should not embark on if you don’t have the experience. There are real estate SEO services that can help you upgrade your website without hurting your SEO. At Digital Bullet, we help our clients through their SEO campaign and we also help to upgrade their website without affecting their SEO.


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