Real estate SEO is complex and only a few have been able to hack the real estate SEO space. In this article, you’ll learn some real estate SEO tips that have worked for other companies and brands and will work for yours if you implement them properly.

What is SEO for real estate?

SEO means search engine optimization and when implemented in real estate is used to win at local SEO. But for local SEO strategies to be successful, it requires area-specific content and pages to enhance geographic relevance.

Real Estate SEO Tips For Your Business

SEO tips and strategies for real estate

Below are some successful real estate SEO tips that can work:

  • Create more content around the same topic with different keywords 

The more content you create around the same topic, the more chances you have to use your preferred keywords. You need to create multiple blog posts with in-depth content on a particular topic. Write your content so that makes it easy for your potential client to find what they’re searching for online. As much as quality is important when writing content, quantity is also important. As soon as you learn more keywords that your customers are looking for, you need to create more topics around that keyword.

  • Create city-specific content

Google gets optimized regularly which means you need to optimize your content to be found by local searchers. Optimizing your content for local SEO means that when a search is made for your real estate business in a particular city, your business comes up. To achieve this, you can create content around things peculiar to your city such as:

  • Landmarks, attractions, points of pride
  • Sports teams
  • Restaurants and shopping
  • Schools and neighborhood
  • Align yourself with reputable publishers.

Aligning yourself or content with publishers who have high authority and vision in your category is another way to benefit maximally from real estate SEO. By contributing content to renowned publishers in the real estate space, you’re making sure that you benefit from their brand influence. Google is optimized to view the backlinks you receive as a sign of trust, so contributing content to reputable publishers in your niche will do you more good than harm.

SEO tips and strategies for real estate

  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly

If you’re into real estate, then most of your potential customers are looking up your business from their mobile phones. 72% of buyers have made searches for a home they want to buy from their mobile phones. And younger buyers are sure to make any searches about anything from their smartphones which is why you need to optimize your site to be mobile friendly.

Judging from customer preference and behavior, it is certain that buyers will continue to make searches from their mobile phones. Your site should be optimized for mobile phones as well as other major devices. Also, Google is upgrading to a mobile-first index that places priority on the mobile version of a brand’s website.

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