8 Real Estate SEO Mistakes Realtors Should Avoid


When implementing search engine optimization (SEO) for your real estate services, you want to be careful to avoid some common real estate SEO mistakes. These are tactics that won’t really move the needle and help you improve your Google rankings. In some ways, these strategies can actually backfire. They could hurt your rankings, get you flagged as spammer or turn off potential customers who do visit your site.

real estate seo mistakes


Here Are 8 Real Estate SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Are a Realtor:


  • Keyword Stuffing

It is a misnomer that you need to overstuff your written content with real estate keywords and key phrases. Yes, they should be included strategically and used frequently. However, cramming them into the verbiage over and over will not actually help. Today’s search engine algorithms are very advanced. They recognize synonyms and variations in phrasing. They also value the relevancy and quality of web content.


  • Poorly Written Content

Your content should be written well. Check for grammar, proofread it for typos and use proper punctuation. Poorly written content will make you look bad in the eyes of potential clients while also hindering your ability to improve your search engine rankings. 


  • Irrelevant Keywords

When it comes to keywords for specific pages and blog posts, you want to keep your list tight and targeted on the subject at hand. If you are writing an article about home selling tips related to staging, don’t work in a lot of excess keywords related to home buyers or other general home selling advice. Keep your keywords relevant and pointed in a specific direction to achieve more impactful real estate SEO results.


  • Misleading Clickbait

Clickbait is a touchy subject. As web users ourselves, we simultaneously hate it and love it. We are drawn to some ads and links like moths to a flame. Then, we usually end up being annoyed when we click through and find a useless article loaded with pop-up ads. You want to entice people to your posts with quality content and intriguing ads/links. The big mistake to avoid is the “bait-and-switch” of promising one thing and presenting something else. You might increase site traffic, but you are only damaging your reputation and hurting your opportunities to turn those visitors into real estate leads.


  • “Borrowing” Content from Other Sources

You’ll want to avoid too much duplicate content on your own site. In other words, don’t use the same exact verbiage on multiple pages. The biggest no-no of real estate SEO, though, is copying and pasting content from other websites. This kind of duplicate content and plagiarism will hurt you badly when the Google algorithm is scanning your site. It’s okay to borrow ideas from other sources and repurpose it as your own content. Just make sure you rewrite and restructure it completely to make it as “unique” as possible on your site.


  • Lack of Visual Presentation

Some blogs and web pages end up being “walls” of written content. Visual elements (photos, charts, graphs, etc.) can help break up the copy visually while also enhancing the SEO for the page. There are always plenty of good stats and imagery you can utilize relating to any specific real estate topic. You will also want to use heading title settings, subheads, bullet points, numbered lists, captions, pull quotes and other formatting features to enhance your content with a better visual presentation.


  • Incorrect Usage of Links

Backlinks can be relevant links to and from your posts. Some can be driven to other pages and blog posts on your site. Use relevant anchor text instead of blatant links and full URLs. Point the links to something related to the anchor text. You’ll also want at least one external link within each blog post. Just remember to pick something fairly innocuous. Don’t point them to a competitor’s website or another site that keeps leading them down a bigger rabbit hole (and thus further away from your site). Of course, make sure all links are set to open in a new browser window. This keeps your page still open. They can always return to it after seeing where the link takes them. Effective usage of backlinks is a true art form when done by real estate SEO specialists.


  • Doing it All Yourself

There may be some real estate insight and local information that only you know. It may be harder for an outside service provider to fully capture everything you know about your real estate market. The opposite is true, though. A real estate SEO expert will know much more about how to implement effective search engine optimization strategies that you probably don’t have time to learn. Work with a real estate SEO provider and have a collaborative relationship. This way, you can showcase your own knowledge and experience while benefiting from their proven expertise.


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These are a few common real estate SEO mistakes that you should avoid as a real estate agent. For more information and details about our professional SEO services specialized for Realtors, contact Digital Bullet Agency today.