The reason most real estate agents or realtors hesitate to invest in SEO is that they’re concerned about how long it takes to see results. Now, that’s a valid concern that will be addressed in this article.

But before that, here are a few things you should know about SEO:

  • It takes between 3 and 6 months before you start seeing the results of your SEO strategies.
  • It takes a while before you achieve significant growth using SEO; it doesn’t happen overnight.
  • There’s a long list of factors that determine how effective SEO performs on your website.
    Real Estate SEO: How Long Does It Take to See The Results

Why Does SEO Take So Long? 

SEO doesn’t produce results overnight due to some reasons. Firstly, you need some time to successfully incorporate SEO strategies into your website especially when you’re just starting. These SEO strategies such as keyword research, planning, and content writing can take much more time than you plan.

Another reason is that SEO is done bit by bit; these incremental improvements don’t happen in a flash, it takes time. For instance, your new blog post has to be indexed and ranked by Google against other blog posts and if other blog posts outperform yours, then it may take some time for your blog post ranks.

Factors that Influence How Long It Takes to Succeed Using SEO

Below are some factors that determine how long it takes for SEO to take effect on your website:

  • Industry Competition

The industry you are in determines how long it takes to succeed using SEO. If you’re in a competitive and crowded industry like real estate, it may be difficult for you to see the results of your SEO strategy. You may need to dedicate more time to implementing the SEO strategies if you want to make an exception.

  • Internal Resources

Are you willing to invest your time and energy into SEO? Or do you have a team or do you partner with an agency that provides real estate SEO services? By allowing experts who are skilled in SEO to pioneer your SEO campaign, you may be able to see results faster than when you’re going at it yourself.

  • Existing Optimizations

If SEO strategies were incorporated without prior optimizations on your website, you might be able to come up with a specific amount of time it’ll take you to see results. But, most times, that’s not always the case. So here are a few things an SEO expert would do before implementing search engine optimization on your website:

  • Past SEO investment: 

An SEO expert would check to know if there’s been any form of SEO on your website in the past and if it was well implemented. This will help them determine how much time and effort to invest into seeing results as fast as possible.
Real Estate SEO: How Long Does It Take to See The Results 2

  • Technical Infrastructure: 

An expert would check to know if your website is technically okay. This means your site must be free from any errors such as crawling, indexing issues, and broken links. These would help them determine how to fix the issue before moving on to other aspects of search engine optimization on your website.

  • Content: 

The type of content you have on your website also contributes to how effective your SEO campaign will be and how fast you begin to see results. You need to focus on posting high-quality content on your site.


The factors mentioned above contribute to why SEO delays in showing results. However, it’s a proven fact that in the long run, an SEO-optimized website outperforms other websites and ranks higher on search engine result pages.