Use Landing Pages to Maximize Local Real Estate SEO for Those All Important Leads in 2022!


One of the most important aspects of local real estate SEO is attracting home buyers and sellers in specific areas. You may have a general market area that you use for your primary keyword mentions (for example, “Greater Boston Area” or a specific county/regional name). This is good for general search functionality, but will only get you so far. You want to localize yourself even more with specific cities, neighborhoods and/or zip codes. 

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How To Use Landing Pages To Maximize Local Real Estate SEO

Defining Your Local Target Markets

To put it in perspective with the Boston example, you might have “Greater Boston Area” in your website headers and placed strategically throughout your online content. However, your primary market may focus on the western edge of that area. A majority of your business comes from Waltham, Newton, Watertown, Auburndale and the closest surrounding neighborhoods. 


Obviously, it’s too cumbersome to mention all those cities and neighborhoods by name every time you want to reference your market in keyword placements. You have to find a way to target those sub-markets while still building your general real estate SEO profile in the entire Boston area. This can be done with site subpages and/or targeted landing pages.


What is a Community Page in Local Real Estate SEO?


In the real estate website world, these would generally be referred to as “community pages” and they can be as plentiful and as focused as you want to be. Each page would focus on a specific community you serve. It would feature information about the community, highlighting noteworthy locations, landmarks and local businesses. It would provide information buyers and sellers in that area need to know. You would focus your keywords and phrases to be specific to that sub-market. 


Ultimately, this page is designed to improve your SEO potential in that community. This way, if someone is searching for “homes for sale in Waltham,” you have a better chance of showing up on the Google search results list. The search might take them directly to that community page, which increases your opportunities for getting leads in this more targeted sub-market.


Differences Between Sub-Pages and Landing Pages

It helps to understand the differences between site sub-pages and landing pages. Sub-pages will be part of your website’s standard navigation framework. You might have a dropdown tab in your navigation menu or a dedicated page that lists all of the community sub-pages. In other words, someone can visit your main website about the Greater Boston Area and then easily find more specific information about each of the smaller communities you serve within that larger market.


A landing page is different in the sense that it is usually not part of your site’s main navigation menu. It is a stand-alone page that is designed to attract visitor traffic and produce a specific call to action. The user may be able to link to your main site somewhere on the page. However, the landing page generally won’t have a navigation menu. It will be hosted on your domain, but it will have a unique URL that is only accessed through a direct link. 


Why Create Landing Pages For Local Real Estate SEO?


There are some key benefits to setting up landing pages as opposed to sub-pages. First, it makes your website less cluttered. If you are setting up dozens of sub-pages for various neighborhoods in your market, that is a lot of links and dropdowns to include. Creating individual and separate landing pages minimizes the navigation clutter. At the same time, you still benefit from the highly localized real estate SEO elements that are all hosted through the same domain server.


Landing pages are best if you plan to advertise online with Google Adwords, Facebook ads and other direct response ad placements. You can set up ultra-targeted ads focused on a specific community that then link to the specific community page. Only buyers and sellers living and searching in these areas will see the ads and find the page link. They will see you as a specialist in that sub-market that brings added value to your brand. 


Other Uses for Landing Pages

Landing pages can also be created for target markets that aren’t geographically specific. For example, you may want to build a page that focuses on luxury homes or one that targets condo buyers and sellers. This is another way you can break down your market into smaller segments while still casting a wider net with your generalized site content. Separate landing pages will generally be a better approach for these types of sub-markets because they can sometimes be conflicting messages. You don’t necessarily want luxury sellers seeing that you also work with low-end buyers in the condo market.


Talk with your web developer about setting up community sub-pages and/or landing pages to increase your localized real estate SEO in specific sub-markets. Which approach is better for you will depend on your overall market, how many sub-markets you want to feature and how you intend to utilize/advertise these community pages. 


We Can Help With All of Your Local Real Estate SEO Needs

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