The real estate industry is both competitive and challenging and the only way to be atop the competition is to do things differently. This means that while your competitors are doing more cold calls, and attending several meetings with prospects that may or may not convert, you have your real estate business on autopilot through real estate SEO.

In simple terms, real estate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means optimizing your website so that when people search for the service you provide, you rank higher above others. This is very feasible because these days, people shop for anything on the internet, even houses.

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Since so many people are using the internet to search for houses, the real estate agent who masters real estate SEO will get a large chunk of these people and consequently outperform their competitors.

Proven Strategies to Improve Your Real Estate Website

As a real estate agent, you should know that you’re not the only one implementing real estate SEO on their website. Other real estate agencies run a website too, but knowing and implementing some real estate SEO strategies can help you outperform your competitors. Continue reading to learn more:

  • SEO Audit

Conducting an audit of your website rankings is one way to optimize your website for real estate. When conducting an audit on your website, you must look out for organic traffic, real estate lead generation, and conversion rates. You should also check out the website layout, usability, links, and content. Sites that tick all of these boxes have a high probability of topping local searches.

  • Optimize the Website

After a successful SEO audit on your website, you can process to optimize the website. This entails optimizing the content on your website, focusing on SEO-friendly URLs, tags, and meta descriptions. Other features that increase the credibility and authority of your website include inbound and outbound links and your site loading speed, so you should work on these aspects too.

  • Optimize for Mobile

Another effective SEO strategy you can implement is to optimize your website for mobile. Most of the searches on Google and other search engines are done from mobile phones. People access the internet on the go and they do that through their mobile phones. So, you should focus on improving the loading speed of your website and getting rid of any features that affect mobile compatibility.

  • Optimized Local Content

After optimizing the existing content on your website, your new priority should be your new content for local SEO. To achieve this, do research on what local real estate customers search for on the internet. Take note of the keywords they use then process to incorporate these words into your content. Using localized keywords has a high chance of increasing your visibility and even converting quality leads.

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  • Start a Blog

There are many things your customers don’t know about real estate. You can take advantage of this fact to start a blog about things your customers need to know about real estate. You should focus on local content such as property prices, recent housing market trends, and predictions. Starting a blog is a great way to engage and interact with your potential clients.


The real estate industry is going digital therefore, incorporating SEO into your real estate business is not an option but a must. However, real estate agents are more skilled in selling houses than optimizing their websites for SEO. This is why you must entrust such tasks to capable hands like us at Digital Bullet. We specialize in optimizing real estate business websites so that they rank high on search engine result pages.

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