The real estate industry is very competitive online, if you want to rank higher for real estate keywords, you should know that you’re going against other websites that dominate the search engine result pages. That’s why you need to first optimize for local SEO so that your competitors will reduce from an international scale to a local one. To rank higher on SERPs, this article will explain how to utilize local SEO for real estate websites:

Why local SEO for real estate websites?

One way to reduce your competition in the real estate industry is to optimize for local SEO. As a real estate company, the best market to target using this strategy would be those within and around the vicinity of your properties. Your target audience could be people who want to upgrade their standard of living.

Here’s how you can leverage this strategy:

Scout your competition

First, observe your competitions online then take note of keywords that are essential to your business and that people are constantly searching for. Keywords such as “house and lot for sale” are commonly used by users. You can search for this keyword on Google and go through the pages that rank higher.

Go through these pages and observe the kind of content these pages have. You’re most likely to see pages full of listings which is because Google considers these real estate keywords as having transactional intent.

Choose the right keywords

After that, proceed to choose the right keywords. It’s better to choose keywords that are attainable by your website. You also need to consider factors like your domain age and the number of backlinks your site is getting.

Remember to always go for keywords that have featured snippets that can hook the attention of searchers to your page consequently increasing the leads your website gets.

Highlight properties

After choosing your keyword, proceed to create your content and ensure to highlight property details like the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, floor size, lot size, etc. You should highlight properties that speak to the needs of your searcher. The more users find your content useful, the higher your chances of ranking on the first page and reaching a larger audience.

Optimize your content

Apart from highlighting the property for sale, you can also highlight the area where it’s located in. It could be a hospital, a school, or the environment generally. These are things that searchers want to know before buying any property. You can also optimize your content by using visuals like photos and videos so that your leads can have more detailed information about your property.

Sign up for Google My Business

Another way to leverage local SEO for real estate websites is to sign up for Google My Business. When users search for properties in your area, your chances of ranking for that keyword are high. For more optimization, try adding real estate keywords to your Google My Business listings.

When you apply these strategies to your pages, you’ll be able to rank higher on SERPs. At Digital Bullet, we offer real estate SEO services. We do real estate SEO for our clients at an affordable price and we ensure your website gains more visibility and ranks higher on SERPs.