As a realtor, the first step to outperforming other realtors is to admit that there’s competition in the industry. These days, you need to do more than post your pictures on billboards or run ads in newspapers to get leads.

Real estate has gone digital and most home buyers do not need to leave their homes to find a real estate estate agent. They can simply go on their phones and search for a reliable realtor near them. This means that you must have a strong online presence as a realtor.

How do you achieve this?

One way to outperform your competitors is through search engine optimization (SEO). Through SEO, you can get in the faces of your ideal customers. However, the process can be a bit challenging which is what discourages many realtors from leveraging SEO strategies. One of the most effective SEO strategies you can try is building backlinks.

How To Build Backlink Safely For Real Estate SEO

This article will explain the importance of backlinks and how to build backlinks safely for real estate SEO.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks in SEO help to increase your rankings on SERPs, because it helps search engines view the quality and quantity of the links as votes of confidence from other websites. Hence, the more backlinks there are on your website, the higher it can rank when users search.

How To Build Real Estate Backlinks 

When building backlinks, focus on building quality links from trustworthy and authoritative websites in your industry. Here are some ways to build a strong backlink profile:

  • Create Valuable Content:

One of the best ways to get high-quality backlinks is to create quality content that will make other websites want to link back to it. Your valuable content could be infographics, informative blog posts, videos, and more. By positioning yourself as a force to reckon with in the industry through valuable content, you can earn natural links from other established sources. Make your content so valuable that others will be eager to link back to it and share it with their audience.

  • Reaching Out to Other Websites

You can also build quality backlinks by reaching out to other website owners in the real estate industry. Reaching out to them helps them link back to your valuable content. But first, you must take your time to build a good relationship with other website owners.

You can leverage social media to build meaningful relationships with other professionals in the industry and share high-quality contents that could benefit their followers. Engaging with other authorities in the industry increases your chance of earning new links from trustworthy sources.

  • Create Geo-Targeted Content

When it comes to link building, location-based targeting aims to boost your exposure. Geo-targeted content involves creating the type of content that interests people in your community on your website. You could write about a new listing, a new trend in real estate, or even about the social life in the area.

For instance, a blog post on the 10 best wine bars in your area is sure to gain attention even from people who are not interested in selling or buying a home. However, when they do, you’d be among the first persons that come to mind.

Web searchers could find your content resourceful and consequently you can get a link from the websites and social media accounts of the places you talked about in your blog.

How To Build Backlink Safely For Real Estate SEO

  • Anchor Text in Backlinks

Anchor text is the clickable portion of an article that directs users to another webpage. Anchor text is very crucial during link-building campaigns. It’s essential to use the right and natural anchor text when creating backlinks since using it wrongly can affect your rankings.

One key thing to note when optimizing for real estate SEO is that the “over-optimization” of keywords can be penalized by Google. The best use of anchor text is to use a wide range of keyword-rich phrases – this way you can enjoy the benefits of solid link acquisition efforts and avoid getting penalized by Google.


Building backlinks for your real estate business may be challenging but following the ways listed in this article is a way to start. Creating links boils down to being creative and having the right mindset.

If you follow the right and natural strategies to create backlinks, you’ll be able to hack the SEO game in the long run. And this can help you outperform your competitors in the real estate business.