The real estate industry is a competitive one; the more you strive to outperform your competitors, the tougher the competition gets. One of the best ways to outperform your competitors in the real estate industry is through Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

However, while it’s one thing to rank higher than your competitors, it’s another thing to stay on top of the competition. This is where analyzing your competitor’s SEO efforts comes in. Your ability to assess what your competitors are doing and what they’re not doing will give you an edge in the ever-competitive real estate market.

how to analyze a competitors real estate seo strategy


In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about analyzing your competitor’s real estate SEO strategy. Continue reading to learn more:

How to Do Competitive Analysis for SEO in 5 Steps

Below are direct steps by which you can carry out a competitive analysis for SEO:

  • Identify your competitors 

Before attempting to analyze your competitor’s SEO efforts, you first need to identify them. To achieve this, you have to find businesses or websites that rank high on search engine result pages for keywords in your industry. Here’s a detailed way to attempt this:

  • Define your keywords according to their relevance in the industry for example if you’re a realtor in Florida, your keyword be “Florida real estate” or “homes for sale in Florida”.
  • Use search engines to search for these keywords and the top 5 businesses that come out are your major competitors.
  • You can expand your search by using various keywords to identify your competitors.
  • Invest in tools that can help you get a detailed view of your competitors. Tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs can come in handy.
  • Conduct page analysis

The next step is to observe competing websites and their top-performing pages. Ensure you study the kind of keywords they use and how they’ve been made to work together. You want to make sure that you know the keywords your competitors are using that you’re not. From there, you can devise a strategy that will help you rank higher than your competitors.

  • Focus on keywords with high ROI

When looking for keywords to rank for, it’s better to focus on a smaller number of keywords and use them rather than trying all kinds of keywords. Focusing your efforts on keywords with high ROI will make you more profit and revenue. To succeed in analyzing your competitor’s SEO efforts, you must find a niche that your competitors are yet to explore or use low-competition keywords that will allow you to attract more users.

  • Create and execute a content plan

After you’ve gathered the important data, you can use the information you’ve gathered to create a competitor analysis report. The next step is to develop your SEO content strategy using the information in your report. Firstly, create a list of keywords and content ideas then proceed to implement the content strategy and link back to external sites if necessary.

  • Track your progress 

After you’ve published new content using your newfound SEO strategy, you need to make sure you’re making progress in your SEO journey. To track your progress, you can carry out regular keyword audits and generate SEO competitor analysis reports using tools like Databox.

how to analyze a competitors real estate seo strategy 2


SEO is a broad topic that requires skill, knowledge, and expertise. To outperform your competitors, you must be knowledgeable about real estate SEO. However, you may not have the knowledge, skill, and time to carry out SEO analysis on your competitors which is why you must hire the service of a SEO company.

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