There are lots of ways you can structure your content and SEO planning, our logo is a target at Digital Bullet Agency so we are going with that.

Now that’s cleared up let’s crack on. 

Right at the center of your content marketing and Real Estate SEO strategy should be the desire to be found by your ideal client at the ideal time for them to take action. 

This is where your plan should start knowing that thing and those moments. 

So our main area of expertise is in the distressed seller real estate market.

For these real estate investors, they want to be shown as the number one result when some types into google “Sell My House Fast” 

So the Bullseye for them would be their main service of “We Buy Houses” more specifically the main state or city or they want to rank for So it may be “We Buy Houses Nevada” 

Then just a little bit further out from the bullseye is the smaller locations they offer that key service too so “We Buy Houses Las Vegas” “We Buy Houses Phoenix”

So these Service + Location Pages are the innermost part of your Target and the Bullseye. 

When creating these pages you want to make them as awesome as possible packed with valuable information that helps the reader understand how you can help them and encourage them to take the next step to contact you. 

This is your chance to separate yourself from the other pages the potential client has viewed and earn your way into being an option when they decide who to get quotes or order from. 

From an SEO point of view, we suggest normally choosing the page title and URL as the main phrase keyword you would like then picking 4 to 5 other keywords to use as subheadings. (These are called H1, H2, H3, etc and we explain those more here) 

Now we step slightly further out to ensure Google knows what our target is and help direct traffic towards our bullseye. 

To do this you select one of those subheadings from your location/Service pages to be the main title of a blog post. Once written you hyperlink (explained here) back to the service page. 


Here is an Example 

Page – We Buy Houses Las Vegas 

Blog – Sell Your Las Vegas House Fast For Cash, We Buy houses in Las Vegas Fast For Cash, Sell your Las Vegas Home fast, etc. 

As you can see they are all closely linked to our target and carry traffic of their own.

Once you have completed this we need to then assure the Big G (Google) that your site is an authority on the things we talk about. This is where we move from product/service focus to Topics 


As Google is pretty smart it knows what other topics/phrases content should be found on a site that is trying to rank for certain keywords. 

By delivering high-value content around those topics google expects to see it helps you score points and what do points mean…. prizes (well rankings) (also note if you’re from the UK you just read that in a Bruce Forsyth voice

Ok so let’s stick to our Home Cash Buyer Site the topics that google would be expecting to see center around the reasons someone may be googling to Sell my house fast. 

Foreclosure, Divorce, Fire Damage. 

So you provide your clients with a high-value piece of content that explains how you understand where your reader is coming from and explain how your service can help. Giving examples of stories where people just like your future client have benefited from your services really helps. 

From these pages, you hyperlink to the service/location pages. This helps your potential clients take the next step and learn more about your service It also helps Google know that they are linked. 

Again you then use blogs to talk about specific parts of those topics 

Example “ 5 Reasons to sell your house fast during a Divorce” “How to avoid foreclosure by using a Cash Homebuyer” “Can You sell a Fire Damaged home” . 

With this at the center of your target, you can then just keep adding posts to boost the authority of your Topic pages and your Service/location pages. 

Remember that at the center of your bullseye are those conversion-focused searches you most want. 

However, the Topic pages and posts may well bring you more traffic. 

Google is a machine that will rank you so more people will see your product or service, adding value to your readers with helpful topic information will help the Humans that arrive on your site connect with you and earn the trust to take the next step. 

Humanization is a conversion strategy for most searches and services there are numerous “me too” Cookie cutter companies. If you use the Bulls Eye Method correctly not only will you give Google what it wants, You give the future client what they want, and best of all your more likely to get more leads and convert a higher percentage of them. More leads + More Conversions ultimately lead to greater profits in your business. 

So it really is hitting the bullseye when you follow this method.

When we take on a client at Digital Bullet Agency we do the research to ensure that each part of the Bullseye method is metrics lead to ensure it has the greatest effect. 

We Buy Houses NJ generates far higher search traffic than Sell My House Fast NJ however in Nevada the opposite is true. Doing the research to find this out makes a huge difference in the results and speed of the results you can achieve. 

If you would like to talk to us about becoming a client contact us today!