Better Real Estate SEO in 10 Simple Steps

Real estate SEO

If you want to improve your real estate SEO and generate more real estate leads through search engine optimization, there are several steps you need to take. Here are 10 steps we have identified for the best possible real estate SEO:


  • Research Your SEO Competitors

The “SEO” part of this step is most important. You may know what some of your closest real estate competitors are up to, but you should focus specifically on your SEO competitors. Perform Google searches on different real estate questions, keywords and phrases for the markets you serve. See which websites come up ahead of yours. These are your SEO competitors. Know them and try to understand why they are ranking higher than you on search engines.


  • Research Your Keywords

To help with step 1, you can do more research on the most-searched real estate keywords. There are different online tools that can help with this, or you can hire a real estate SEO specialist like Digital Bullet Agency. You can even start with making a list of common questions you are asked every day as a real estate agent. These are likely the same questions people are asking online. Your SEO needs to address these questions and highlight the necessary keywords that are most relevant to your potential clients.


  • Create Quality Content

A major part of real estate SEO is having quality content on your website, social media pages and any of your marketing platforms. You need a fully optimized bed of SEO-driven site content to start with, and then you need to keep adding fresh content regularly. We’re talking about blogs, social posts, videos, listings and more. Again, think about the questions you get asked every day to inspire the topics you want to post about.


  • Review Your Website

If you haven’t updated your website in awhile, now is time for a full audit of all content. Eliminate outdated information and dead links. Update and refresh the content as needed. This is a good way to rejuvenate a stagnant site while also giving it a little SEO booster shot. Look for ways to improve your real estate SEO and optimize your website. This may include adding new pages and a blog—as long as you intend to keep up with making new posts on a regular basis. An empty blog page or one that hasn’t had a post in several months/years will make you look bad and won’t help at all with your SEO.


  • Think Locally

One mistake that many real estate investors, agents and brokerages make is being too broad with their SEO strategy. Real estate is a local business. You are dealing with houses in specific communities around you. You want to use SEO to attract clients buying and selling in these target markets. Thinking more locally will help you focus your real estate SEO approach and generate more leads where you need them.


  • Use Backlinks

Backlinks to your website are very beneficial to your search engine optimization. Get your URL shared on social media, local resource pages and review sites. Establish a link-sharing agreement with your network of vendors and service providers. You put their link on your site and they’ll put yours on theirs. It’s a win-win situation!


  • Define Your KPIs

You have to define what you consider a “successful” real estate SEO program looks like. You can’t expect to go from the bottom to the top of Google rankings overnight. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. You should establish clear goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) that help you track your progress and make sure you are moving in the right direction. Things like unique site visitors, how long visitors are staying on the site and how many pages they are looking at are all good KPIs. Of course, you can also run your own keyword searches and see where you are ranking on Google. This is the ultimate KPI.


  • Track, Monitor and Adjust

SEO is not something where you plug in a bunch of keywords and expect to rise to the top of the search engine rankings. It is a process. Track and monitor your KPIs. Keep adding new content. See what’s working and what isn’t. Be prepared to keep making adjustments and refinements to your real estate SEO plan in order to get where you want to be.


  • Don’t Get Frustrated

This is not so much a step but a reminder to stay motivated. Success cannot and will not happen overnight when it comes to real estate SEO. You are in a highly competitive industry and other competitors likely have a significant head start. Keep working at it and striving to reach new SEO milestones. 

  • Hire a Real Estate SEO Specialist

You are a real estate specialist. Home buyers and sellers hire you to help guide them through the real estate process. Home inspectors, lenders, lawyers, title representative and other service providers will be involved along the way, each providing their own specialized knowledge to benefit the transaction. When it comes to real estate SEO, you don’t have to be an expert. Like your own clients, you can hire an expert who knows exactly what they are doing and can skillfully perform all the steps above (and more) to help you achieve the best possible SEO results. 


If you are interested in talking with a real estate SEO specialist, contact us today. Digital Bullet Agency’s sole focus is on real estate SEO strategy. Let us put our expertise to work for you!