Real estate directories are a little free or low-cost opportunity that can boost your real estate business. It shows prospects that you are a legitimate real estate company, and it can improve your SEO.

In this article, we’re going to look at the top 10 real estate directories by Alexa rank  that you can get yourself listed on. 

Best Real Estate Directories 2021

Best US Real Estate Directories By Alexa Rank


The top 10 US real estate directories are: 


1 Zillow


3 Trulia

4 LoopNet

5 HotPads


7 Movoto

8 LandWatch


10 Homes and Land


We have also put them in an order based on traffic, making it easier for you to find the best. Keep in mind; we recommend getting yourself on as many possible. 


Note: As a real estate investor, getting featured on these is hugely effective. Why? 

Because it makes it a lot easier to get your listings on them when you want to sell. 


  1. Zillow

Zillow is by far the biggest real estate directory you can get yourself on. It ranks in the top 50 Alexa rankings, so there is also a massive amount of traffic that you can get a piece of here. 


We’re sure you’ve also heard of Zillow, as it’s the biggest real estate listing marketplace in the world. 


  • Alexa Rank: 41


  1. is another huge American real estate listing website that also features a directory. In some aspects, it’s the biggest real estate website – so it’s somewhere you would want to position yourself. 


  • Alexa Rank: 161 


  1. Trulia

Trulia is a subsidiary of Zillow. Unfortunately, it’s also a marketplace that is only for US homes, so you won’t want to get on this one if that’s not your market.

Besides, Trulia’s high domain rating of over 88 will give you some excellent SEO value as well. 


  • Alexa Rank: 220


  1. LoopNet

LoopNet is another huge marketplace for US homes. With an estimated 10 million unique monthly visitors and a domain rating of 75+, it also has some great value in the SERPs. 


LoopNet specializes in commercial real estate, so we’d imagine that this directory may appeal to many of you. 


Compared to the 2nd biggest commercial real estate website, it has 20x more traffic. 


  • Alexa rank: 944


  1. HotPads


HotPads is a US directory and marketplace that primarily focuses on rentals. And thanks to its high traffic and domain rating of 70+, it has a lot of SEO value. 


One thing that sets HotPads apart from many other real estate directories is how comprehensive the listings are.


Besides, it also sends users notifications, comes with tools such as calculators and many other resources. 


  • Alexa Rank: 1691


  1. is another huge real estate directory; it has a domain rating of over 80 and over 5.5 million unique visitors every single month.

If you’re in the UK, you need to get listed on their domain. Nonetheless, it will give you a nice boost in authority. 


Alexa rank: 3176

  1. Movoto

Movoto is an excellent directory because it provides much geo-specific information on schools, neighborhoods, and more.

You can create an agent profile via their website to get listed on their website. They also have a blog with lots of great resources. 

Alexa rank: 3938 

  1. LandWatch

Landwatch is a little different from the rest of this list, as it focuses on rural areas. So if that’s a market you’d like to focus on, getting yourself listed here is ESSENTIAL. 


Whether it’s farms, ranches, hunting land – Landwatch has a category for it. You can also use their advertising opportunities if you are looking to sell via their marketplace.

Alexa rank: 5,243


LANDFLIP also puts a lot of focus on rural areas, making it a great choice if that’s your market. It also has many advertising opportunities if you ever need them, and it’s super easy to create a buyer or seller account.

Plus, the numbers, just like with all the others on this list, are pretty impressive. 

Alexa Rank: 43,552

  1. Homes and Land

The tenth-ranked real estate directory in Alexa rank is Homes and Land – another US-based home marketplace.

Interestingly, when Homes and Land started, it was meant to be a magazine but grew into a huge marketplace later on.

Today it has millions of monthly visitors that you can get a piece of. 


Alexa Rank: 44,258

Best UK real estate directories

As we have ranked the top directories by traffic, there wasn’t a lot from the UK – so we decided to create a separate list with the best UK directories: 


  1. Rightmove 
  2. Zoopla
  3. OnTheMarket
  4. Rentify
  5. PrimeLocation
  6. Mitula
  7. Home
  8. Nestoria
  9. Trovit
  10. Gumtree


Real Estate Directories: Why Use Them? 

So, is it worth getting listed on all of these – or is it just a waste of time? 


Real estate directories have numerous benefits, including:


Improved SEO

While directories aren’t necessarily the most powerful links, they act as a strong foundation in your link profile. 


And, they also signal trust to Google, which will help you rank. 

Traffic Potential

By getting listed on directories, there is a lot of traffic potential. For example, when people move or want to purchase homes in new areas, they often use these directories to find a trusted real estate company. 


Also, keep in mind getting listed on these directories will improve your SEO, so that’s even more traffic. 


A lot of the directories we have mentioned above are highly recognized nationally. So if you get featured on their directories, you get a piece of that trust associated with your website. 


Tip: You can also add “As seen in” banners on your website to improve your conversions. 


As we have seen in our recent article on local SEO ranking factors, citations account for 10.82% of rankings.

On all of these directories, your Name, Address, Phone (NAP) is listed. So, it counts as a citation, which will help your GMB rank. 

Final Thoughts

As we have seen throughout this article, there are real estate directories that you can get listed on.

We recommend getting listed on as many of these as possible because it will help your SEO and branding. 

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