In 2023, it’s expected that everyone should be technologically savvy but it’ll be safe to say that not everyone knows how to leverage technological knowledge. In the real estate world, you’d find that not all real estate agents are familiar with the term “SEO” or if they are, they’d probably think it’s an ambiguous or complicated technological acronym. They don’t know how much real estate SEO can help their business.

However, SEO isn’t as complicated as people make it seem, it’s simply something search engines use to rank relevant content on their result pages. To be put simply, SEO’s main purpose is to provide a user (whether a seller or a buyer) with the best results whenever they search for something on Google or other search engines.

A Beginners SEO Guide for Real Estate Agents

We’ll use Google as a main point of reference (for search engines) since it’s the most used. So, for a realtor to benefit from the numerous benefits of SEO, they must be familiar with the factors that Google algorithm considers before ranking websites. These factors will be explained in subsequent paragraphs:

SEO Strategies For Real Estate Agents

  • Manage your Google Business Profile

Since Google is the most used search engine, you should focus on optimizing your Google Business Profile. Doing this would ensure a free listing for your company that will appear on SERPs and Google Maps whenever users make a search. This listing includes basic information like your business name, phone number, address, a list of your services, and a way for people to directly contact you. You can also ask your old clients to leave you a review after you’ve created your listing.

  • Create profiles on other local listings sites, too

You can also create a business profile on another search engine such as Yelp or Building a business profile doesn’t necessarily have to be only on Google.

  • Use the right keywords on your website

Before you can use the right keywords, you must ensure your website is structured properly for SEO. To incorporate the right keywords into your website, you must figure out the words people type into the search engine whenever they need information about homes, agents, or anything related to your industry.

To do this, come up with the best keywords that describe what you do; phrase these keywords in the same way your customers would search for them. Also, don’t stuff keywords into your web pages instead, use them naturally.

Use the right keywords on your website

  • Create useful, valuable content

Content as you know is King, only when it is relevant and valuable. When writing content for your webpages, the goal is to satisfy your customer’s curiosity and if Google doesn’t find it relevant, it won’t deliver your content to searchers. This is why you should write your content with your audience in mind. As a real estate agent, you should be putting out informative content that helps homebuyers and sellers make the best decision.

  • Create links

Links are very important if you’re looking to rank higher on search engines. There are three types of links you should know about when optimizing your website for SEO:

  • Internal links
  • Outbound links
  • Inbound links (sometimes called backlinks)

Of all these links, inbound links are the most important and it’s not a matter of quantity but of quality. Also, it must be linked to other trusted websites.


As a real estate agent, these are some SEO tips that’ll work for you and help you experience improvement in your business. If you need a team or an agency to take care of optimizing your website for SEO, you can rely on us at Digital Bullet.