7 Methods for Maximizing Real Estate SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is more than just plugging in a few keywords and doing the occasional blog post. There is so much more to it. Sure, there are some strategies you can implement on your own. However, there are many complex methods that professional SEO providers utilize to maximize every aspect of optimization. 


How Different Is Real Estate SEO?


There are general SEO practices. Then, there are specialized SEO practices. Real estate is a very specific industry with its own unique language, users and objectives. You will get even more from working with a real estate SEO specialist like Digital Bullet Agency.


Below Are 7 of The Most Effective SEO Strategies We Implement


These methods are proven to optimize content, move you up the Google ranking and generate more (and better) real estate leads.


  • Keyword & Key Phrase Optimization

Let’s start with the most well-known component of SEO. Strategically integrating key words, key phrases, links, tags, titles and other elements will organically optimize your content. Key words and key phrases are thoroughly researched and vetted to produce the best possible SEO results. They are targeted to your market(s) and optimized for your specific real estate services.


  • Real Estate Listings & Citations

With a fully optimized website, social media platforms and online directory listings, you will be able to generate more exposure for your brand. There are many consumer research sites/apps and online directories like Zillow, Trulia, Yelp, Realtor.com, etc. An effective real estate SEO plan should give you full control over these listings. You’ll be able to benefit from positive reviews, higher search rankings and added exposure from these valuable platforms.


  • Analytics

The most successful real estate SEO campaigns will utilize analytics to their full potential. You want an SEO partner who can research and analyze all of the data being collected on your site, from your social media pages, through search engines, and via online directories. You want to know how many people are visiting your pages, who those people are, how long they are staying, how many links they are clicking, and if they are clicking through as contact-driven leads. At Digital Bullet Agency, we utilize all of this data to see how your SEO campaign is working. Then, we can continually make adjustments and refinements to your plan to optimize every aspect of your real estate SEO.


  • Image Optimization

Real estate is a very visual business and you have to take advantage of the visual media online. Even if you have the best home listing photos, there are methods that SEO experts will use to optimize your visual content. You want it to look great across all platforms, create a positive user impression and boost your organic search potential with effective tags, captions and alt text descriptions.


  • Structured Data Markup

Structured Data Markup is a special coding language. It enables web crawlers and search engine algorithms to determine which information on your site is important and relevant. This will enhance search results and improve your chances of being seen by more target customers.


  • Optimized Content

Your site, social media pages and online directory listings need optimized content to increase your visibility. All static content should implement the elements as highlighted in method #1 above. Good static content isn’t enough, though. You need to add fresh content on a regular basis. This is done through social media posts, YouTube videos, resource links, blogs and other active content. This is what enables you to move up the search rankings organically while also keeping your followers engaged with relevant information and helpful ideas.


  • Specialization

We must re-emphasize the importance of specialization. Working with an SEO expert will make a huge difference. Working with a real estate SEO specialist will take your search engine optimization to new heights. A specialist knows how to optimize real estate websites and all forms of real estate content to attract the specific clients you are after, whether that’s home buyers, home sellers, real estate investors, mortgage lenders, franchisees, or anyone else you wish to target for your real estate business.


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