4 Goals of Targeted Real Estate SEO


There are many key advantages to working with a professional SEO service provider. There are even more benefits when you work with a search engine optimization partner who specializes in the real estate industry. High-quality real estate SEO marketing and targeted content will help your brokerage or individual agency stand out from the competition. There are a number of important objectives we aim to achieve at Digital Bullet Agency. 

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Here Are Our Four Most Important Goals When It Comes To Targeted Real Estate SEO Campaigns:


  • Local Real Estate SEO Enhancement

Real estate is a local business. You are trying to attract home buyers, home sellers, mortgage partners and other real estate leads through your SEO strategy. Your content needs to be extremely targeted toward your local market. You need to optimize your presence on maps, search engines, business listing sites, review platforms and social media. Real estate SEO is about so much more than ranking high on Google. There are many places where you want your business to be seen. All together, this enhanced presence will allow you to grow your local audience and target the types of clients you want to contact you. 


  • Organic Search Optimization

Improving your organic search rankings on Google and other search engines may not be the only important task, but it is still the most important function of high-level real estate SEO. Today’s home buyers and sellers are using online searches more than ever, and this trend will only continue to grow as younger generations become homeowners. Targeted SEO for real estate will help you improve your organic “search-ability” across all search engines, social media and various online platforms. Good SEO enables more potential customers to find you, get meaningful value out of your content and then turn to you when they are ready to move.


  • Quality Link Building

Knowing how and when to use links is a very specialized science within the overall SEO strategy. It’s even more specialized when focusing on a competitive industry like real estate that has its own unique language. If you don’t know what you are doing with your links, it can actually work against you. A professional real estate SEO provider like Digital Bullet Agency knows how to strategically and effectively incorporate links to and from your website, social media and other platforms. A tactical usage of links will help drive more traffic to you, while also enhancing your overall organic SEO potential. 


  • Brand Building

Some people tend to think of branding and search engine optimization as two very different branches of the marketing tree. A good SEO partner understands the importance of building a brand and knows how to implement the finer points of branding as part of the overall SEO plan. SEO for real estate agents and companies should work to enhance your brand in the eyes of potential clients. They will see you as an expert in the market because your content builds your credibility. They should know who you are and what you stand for as a real estate professional. They will remember your name and contact you when they are ready to take the next steps. Real estate SEO allows you to define your target audience and connect with them through a fully optimized online presence that can be as laser-focused as you want it to be. If you only want to work with home sellers in a certain high-end neighborhood, you can make that happen with targeted real estate SEO. 


Want To Generate More Leads With Real Estate SEO? 

Digital Bullet Agency is a leading SEO provider specializing in the real estate industry. We know what it takes to create targeted real estate SEO campaigns and help you stand out from your market competition. Contact us today to learn more about our services.